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A Message from Finn Laursen, CEAI Executive Director

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James 1:22

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The Washington Education Watch

Can We Have Common Standards and Resources Without Centralization?

The Heritage Foundation, through their blog, The Morning Bell, does a great job focusing attention on the issues relevant to preserving our culture.  Recently the Morning Bell has been sounding off on a fairly regular basis against the Common Core National Standards and last week’s blog headline was, Join the Fight Against Common Core.  While the blog raises some legitimate concerns, it paints the issue with a too broad brush. 

The blog post makes two points.  First, that over centralization of education is bad for students, schools and families.  This concern rings true.  Keeping education decision making at the individual school or classroom level is not just a good idea, it also honors biblical statements that parents should be the primary stewards of their children’s education.   However the second point of the blog, that the common core standards movement, “is an effort to centralize education by dictating the standards and assessments that will determine the content taught in every public school across the country,” need not be true if the standards are implemented judiciously.   Actually, with a restrained approach to implementing the common core standards they could be the key to developing an array of high quality educational resources, including textbooks, on line resources, sample lesson plans, improved college education curriculum, excellent teacher based classroom assessments and top notch professional development; all at a lower cost or in some cases no cost to schools, teachers and families.  Further, with some care, the Common Core Standards could help free the American public from overly centralized public school systems.


New CEAI Prayer Network

By Karen Seddon, CEAI FL State Director

Please be prayerful about a new prayer network for the 2013-2014 school year - the 1:16PM Prayer Network.  Our mission in Christian Educators is always to encourage, equip and empower educators through Biblical principles and the 1:16PM Prayer Network is designed to connect all Christians in our schools to the only One Who can truly make a difference.

Here's how it works:

  1. Set a quiet alarm for 1:16PM on school days.
  2. Say a silent prayer

We've based the time on Romans 1:16 - For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile. The Spanish word for network is La Red so to help you remember think:

  • R - Be reverent
  • E - Prayer is for everyone
  • D - Be discreet

Spread the word to your colleagues, church, and Christian friends and be prayerful over the summer that we cover EVERY school in the United States. Wow. Like the 1:16 PM Facebook page!

For more information:

Blog entry - 1:16 PM Prayer Network
Facebook page 
website - 1:16 PM

Do Pro-life Educators Belong in the NEA?

By Judy Bruns, CEAI Member

Pro-life teachers are taking a long, hard, skeptical look at the National Education Association teachers’ union and its state affiliate, the Ohio Education Association union. A growing number of Christian pro-life teachers in this area have already filed for, and received, a “religious accommodation” so their dues dollars go to a designated, approved charity, rather than to a union that has gone awry in its advocacy policies. Now, taxpayers in NEA forced-union school districts like Celina, Coldwater, and St. Marys are also awakening to the realization that they, the taxpayers, are the ones who are supplying the union dues, taken directly out of teachers’ salaries in the amount of $700+ per year. In essence, tax payers are subsidizing the liberal agenda of the NEA and the OEA, an agenda that is becoming more and more alarming to conservative Christians as time goes on. Some examples for concern are illustrated below.

On Friday, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th other pro-life teachers, former union delegates, taxpayers, and I gathered on the sidewalk outside the Ohio Education Association Representative Assembly in Columbus. We carried signs that pointed out OEA/NEA’s support for the “choice” to abort with no limitations. One of our large signs pictured a preborn baby; another was an enlarged photo of a baby, dismembered by first trimester suction abortion. Handouts that documented the connection between NEA/OEA and legalized abortion advocacy were made available to passers-by and to OEA delegates.

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