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Education News – June 27, 2016

By June 27, 2016What's New

High Achievement, No Morals
By Anthony Bradley

America has managed to successfully create a generation of young adults who excel in academics and athletics but have no moral conscience. Former Stanford University student Brock Turner is an excellent example. He represents an entire class of men on every college campus in America—that is, high achievers with no morals.

School Sends Sheriff to Tell Seven-Year-Old He Can’t Hand Out Bible Verses
By Ken Ham

Religious freedom in America is under increasing attack. It seems every time you look at the news there’s a new example of Christians being targeted for their beliefs. Well, the latest attack was on the religious freedom and the First Amendment rights of a seven-year-old boy.

What happens To A Turnaround High School When Transformative Principal Walks Away?
By Nick Chiles

It wasn’t long into Damon Holmes’ tenure as new principal of Malcolm X Shabazz High School this fall that Sharon Cook, an administrator at Shabazz, knew the school and students were going to be okay under the new guy.

Seven Deadly Sins of Progressive Education
By wkorach, The Report Card

The Department of Education in America and their ideological evil twin in the UK The Department for Education makes rules around seven seadly sins according to a new book by Daisy Christodoulou. She wrote Seven Myths About Education, and these include:

Learning facts interferes with developing understanding;

Teacher-led instruction is passive;

Because of 21st-century changes in technology and in the economy, students must be taught differently;

Projects and activities are the best way for students to learn; and

Teaching knowledge is indoctrination

“It’s Going To Be An Issue.” Biola, Conscience, And The Culture War
By Samuel James

You may recall those five words that were spoken by Solicitor General Donald Verrilli in the oral arguments phase of Obergefell v Hodges. Specifically, that sentence was Verrilli’s response to a question from Justice Alito about the tax-exempt status of private religious schools that continued to define marriage traditionally over and against the definition of the government. Justice Alito made a salient observation: If the Obama administration’s contention was that traditional marriage laws were analogous to racial segregation, wouldn’t schools that defined marriage traditionally be in the same category as those (such as Bob Jones University in the 1990s) who continued to enforce anti-segregation campus policies (and, thus, were ineligible for tax-exempt status)?

A Kinder and Gentler Teachers Union?
By Larry Sand

The unions are trying to take the “we’re in it for the kids” shtick to a new level by declaring that they now collectively bargain for “the common good.”