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A Career Opportunity / A Call to Finland

We are praying for a kindergarten teacher to serve for the minimum of 1 year in Porvoo, Finland. Porvoo is a Swedish and Finnish speaking city in Finland. We have been praying for this area for the last 5 years and have been doing a Sunday School outreach in the church which has a clear message based on God’s  word, but where the youngest member is 68 years old! The Sunday School has had 7 consistent children visiting. God has put it on our hearts to reach the local people in a practical way. We applied for the city’s permission and the Finnish association register and were approved to start a non-profit kindergarten with a curriculum that has Christian values.

We need someone to practice those values for the children, or a Christian English speaking qualified kindergarten teacher.

I was 23 years old when I answered God’s call from the other side of the world to teach in Zelenogorsk, Russia. I am now 47 years old and can tell you that God has been more than faithful when we answer the simple call to be available to Him in service. Could you please post this request to your teachers and at the Bible School.

On a practical note, the kindergarten teacher would receive a normal kindergarten teacher’s salary. We can help to find accommodations. And work would begin on 25 July 2016. We have prepared a website which gives more information on the school, daily routines and functions.

It is: http://www.porvooenglishplayschool.com/en/

All emails can be directed to me Kimmi Soini at:

posti@porvooenglishplayschool.com .

We pray that someone answers the call!

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