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Charters Under Attack – By Larry Sand
California’s teachers unions go on the offensive against the state’s alternative public schools.

For years, teachers’ unions have tried to kill charter schools—but only on odd-numbered days. On even-numbered days, they tried to organize them. Things lately have become very odd, at least in California; the unions are in full-assault mode.

Teacher Union Political Spending: Liberal as Ever – By Larry Sand
AFT continues to use teachers as ATM machines to fund their pet leftist causes.

The latest American Federation of Teachers annual financial disclosure has been released (H/T RiShawn Biddle). This year’s LM-2 is filled with goodies that are sure to warm the cockles of leftist teacher union members, but apolitical educators, centrists and certainly those on the right just may have a different opinion.

Analysis: There Still Isn’t a Teacher Shortage Again – By Mike Antonucci
The Learning Policy Institute released a report on teacher shortages last month, co-authored by Linda Darling-Hammond, that warned of a serious shortfall if current trends continued. At a forum accompanying the release, many heavy hitters in education policy agreed that something must be done.

Coach Ramps Up Fight for Prayers On 50-yard Line – By Bob Unruh
NFL players are using the playing of the national anthem to promote a social agenda, and it’s already spread to college and high school athletes.

There have been no serious repercussions.

Now CHRISTIAN Schools Banned from Prayer – By Bill Korach
Last December the Florida High School Athletic Association refused to allow a private Christian school to deliver a pregame prayer over a loudspeaker before a championship football game. Now Cambridge Christian School in Tampa is fighting back in court.

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