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More than ever we need to stand together as Christian educators who are effective models of Jesus on our campuses, faithful in prayer and a public voice on important issues.

Encourage your friends to join thousands of Christian educators around the country who are standing up to say that they want to partner with God to transform schools with God’s love and truth!


Help Spread the Word About The Movement

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Step 2 – Post on your Facebook page and this url CEAI.ORG/JOIN in your post

Teaching in Public & Private Schools (TIPPS)


An outreach of CEAI for 60 second radio spots supporting Christian educators and parental moral standards for their children.

Listen to TIPPS

Teach in Eastern China

Available Positions (2016-2017)
Elementary teachers to start immediately

School Description
The Academy in big cities in Eastern China exists to transform lives and train servant leaders through high quality education in a loving environment.

The Academy is a private school (not boarding) for Chinese students. The school is owned by a Christian Chinese family wanting to provide an education for families in Big cities in Eastern China seeking a bilingual, bicultural approach to their children’s education. The school was founded in 2013 and has over 150 students, Kindergarten through 6th grade. Each year another grade level will be added, eventually having a full K-12 school. The staff is composed of Chinese and foreign teachers and office staff. All foreign staff, and most Chinese staff members, are Christians. The school uses an American-based curriculum and classes other than music and Chinese Language classes are taught in English. The Academy is already making a big impact in many families and has the potential to make greater Kingdom impact as the school grows.

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