Education News – January 9, 2017

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U.S. Appeals Court Backs Injunction for Transgender Student on Restroom Choice - By Mark Walsh

A federal appeals court has refused to block a lower court’s order requiring an Ohio school district to allow an 11-year-old transgender girl to use the girls’ restroom at school.

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Post Traumatic Trump Disorder in L.A. Schools
 - By Larry Sand

“Post Traumatic Trump Disorder” is a condition affecting an abundance of Americans these days. Many of the President-elect’s supporters are “suffering” from excessive jubilance, while many of his detractors are in the depths of despair. As I pointed out recently in UnionWatch and City Journal, the latter PTTD group is making life miserable for children across the country. But Los Angeles just may be ground zero for the new disorder.

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Students, Feeling Nickel-And-Dimed, Force New Scrutiny of College Fees
 - By Jon Marcus

A handful of schools call a halt to unexpected fees that are rising faster than tuition. At a time when public anger is laser-focused on tuition charges that are rising three times faster than inflation, something less well understood has actually been largely responsible for pushing up the cost of college: fees.

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