Daily Devotional – AH IT’S FRIDAY

By March 3, 2017 Daily Devotionals


Prayer: Dear Lord, I want to choose You before other activities this weekend. I want to take the time to hear Your voice and adjust my schedule and attitudes according to Your Word. I want to honor You above all. Amen.

Scripture: Remember that the Sabbath Day belongs to me. Exodus 20:8 (Contemporary English Version)

What a relief to know that the five day week has come to an end.

Thank You Lord for a job that gives me two full days in a row with no busy-ness. Help me, Lord, to take advantage of Your Sabbath rest. I’m so aware Lord, that there are many workers who have to grab a Sabbath rest here and there. There are nurses, doctors, retail clerks, restaurant employees who have to work long hours and week-ends. For them there is no two day guaranteed Sabbath rest.

Lord, let me recognize distractions from that rest. Let me see things that can wait. Let me take for myself a nice stretch of time to just enjoy Your presence.

As I sit here on a Friday afternoon before anyone else is home, listening to the wind chimes outside my door, I rest. I rest here listening. I listen to the wind and the chimes and the quiet, and I listen to You. Father God, I ask that You restore my soul for next week and that no matter what course I’m teaching, You give me creative ways to teach what really matters to You! Help me find creative ways to teach kindness, courtesy, courage, good decision making. Help me point each student, parent, teacher, and administrator with whom I come in contact to my Source, to You.

Give me such a peace among chaos that people ask me, “What’s your secret?” so that I can tell them. Restore me Oh Lord. Restore my soul and thank You, Lord, for my Sabbath rest.

Scriptures to study on Sabbath rest

Exodus 20:8, Exodus 20:11, Luke 6:1-5 Luke 23:56

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