GOD IS LOVE – 06/05/19

By June 5, 2019 Daily Devotionals

June 5, 2019

Prayer:  Oh Lord, we pray for the salvation of each one of our co-workers and students.  Please show us what kind of love someone needs today so they will think that You love them.  Thank You. Amen.

Scripture:  As he passed in front of Moses, he called out. He said, “I am the Lord, the Lord. I am a God who is tender and kind. I am gracious. I am slow to get angry. I am faithful and full of love.
Exodus 34:6 NIV

Mr. Jones sat at his desk waiting for school to start. It was early but he could already hear the sound of cars dropping off excited students who were eager to hear the bell ring. Mr. Jones was eager to hear the bell ring too… the bell that signaled the end of the day not the beginning.

Mr. Jones hated children; he hated to be around them; he could not stand the sound of their chattering voices, especially if they were talking to him. He stayed awake at night thinking of ways to make their little lives miserable and he planned the hardest lessons he could in hopes of exasperating them into failure. He refused to help them when they asked simply saying, “You should have read your book and paid attention to my lecture.”

I hope by now you are thinking that there is no way this Mr. Jones guy exists. Teachers become teachers to help children. They love children and want to impact their lives for good. Teachers have a driving desire to see their students succeed. They are happy to answer questions and usually stay awake at night grading papers and thinking of new ways to teach and make learning interesting.

So what is the point of this crazy made-up example of Mr. Jones? Because sadly, this is the way some people view God. They believe that He sits up in heaven thinking of ways to make them miserable or keep them from the things that will make them happy. They believe that He gets some delight in seeing them fail or ignores their cries for help saying, “You should have read My book and listened to those sermons.”

God is love. In knowing this, think about all the things that love is based on 1 Corinthians chapter 13. God created us to have a relationship with Him. He is not bothered by the sound of our voice but rather delights in our prayers. He eagerly waits for us to come to Him, and He is grieved when we step away. He disciplines us in love and says, “Cast your cares on Me.”

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