“B” A BLESSING – 09/27/2019

By September 27, 2019 Daily Devotionals

September 27, 2019

Prayer: Lord, I want to reflect Your peace and love and endurance and courage here where You have placed me.

Scripture: Because of the service by which you have proved yourselves, men will praise God for the obedience that accompanies your confession of the gospel of Christ, and for your generosity in sharing with them and with everyone else. 1 Corinthians 9:13

If you have ever read any of my books, come to any of my conferences or Bible studies or just hung around me for any length of time, you have heard me say, “We are blessed to be a blessing.” I believe that God blesses us with talents, money, time, wisdom, and other resources for us to turn right around and bless others with them.

During a time of Bible study and prayer, God added to this thought by reminding me of all the suffering I have gone through and all the good and glory to Him that came from those times. We are blessed to be a blessing, and sometimes we are called to bleed to be a blessing. When times of trials and struggles come our way or we are called to a higher response, our reaction must be glorifying to God – it must reflect our trust and love for Him.

In the tough times we do not focus on our suffering but rather on the other people God puts in our path to express our faith. We pray and grow closer to God and He grows us spiritually. When we think about our sufferings being a chance to grow closer to God, to grow spiritually and to glorify God while sharing Him with others; our bleeding is a blessing. Sometimes we bleed to be a blessing.

This takes me to another “B” word; sometimes we must believe to be a blessing. I doubt any of us have trouble saying, “I believe in God” but I am sure we have all struggled at one time or another believing Him. Do we have a difficult time believing in His promises when our situation seems hopeless, believing that He loves us when we feel so oppressed and in despair? Have you ever felt like God is far away, that He has left you, even though He has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you?” Do you believe that He not only knows best but what He has given you for today is best for you?

As a Christian, a church attendee, a person of faith, whatever people call you, you are set apart. People who do not believe, attend church or consider themselves religious are watching your actions and reactions and they are listening to your conversations to see how you are different. They are trying to understand what the big deal is about your God. In our acts of believing God, we can be a blessing to not only those watching us but to those who are suffering around us and watching us. The way we handle adversity with peace, trust and joy will entice them to lean a little closer to see what we have that they do not. It also helps strengthens other believers around you, “As iron sharpens iron.”

We would all love to be blessed to be a blessing. Given the chance to choose, we would probably all choose the blessing instead of the chance to bleed or believe in adversity. God gives us all three chances to grow and glorify.

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