DIRTY DISHES – 09/15/2020

By September 15, 2020Daily Devotionals

September 15, 2020

Prayer: You have cleaned up so much “dirt” in my life, Lord.  Please show me what dirty mess I can tackle for You.

Scripture: “Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others… and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you. Matt. 6:1, 4 NLT

You’ve seen the sign, “YOUR MOTHER DOESN”T WORK HERE!” It was there in the teachers’ lounge but, apparently, they didn’t read it. We had a very small sink for a much too large staff, and it was the temptation of some to leave their dirty dishes in the sink when they were in a hurry. And it got to be ridiculous. It was happening all too frequently. The custodian, who had cleaned up too many times for these selfish people, was complaining along with most of the rest of us.

Then one day I found myself in the lounge with no one else around. The smelly dishes were there and I had a few minutes to myself. What would Jesus do? You guessed it. I washed the dishes. No one knew except Jesus Himself.

My point is that there are often opportunities, small and large, for us to do good, to take responsibility for someone else’s failures, to make life easier for someone. Do we look the other way, complain with everyone else, or do we take the “towel” as Jesus did and accept the role of servant? See how many opportunities you are offered to serve Christ in secret!

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