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Member Service Report | July 2019 – June 2020

By November 16, 2020November 26th, 2020Featured, What's New

Member Service Report

July 2019 – June 2020

With all the upheaval and changes we are experiencing in our nation and our schools, CEAI protection is more important than ever. Here is a snapshot of how we served our members in the last fiscal year. We had just over 400 member service cases during the past fiscal year, a 22% increase from the previous year. What is a member service case? It’s when a member contact requires the attention of one of our legal or educational consultants.

Member Service requests by Category

CEAI In Action: Serving Our Members

Religious Freedoms:

A member gave a radio interview and testified at her state legislature and before her own school board defending the First Amendment rights of educators in the face of transgender philosophy being promoted in schools. When several parents expressed concern about our member’s public statements, her superintendent planned to send a letter to all parents in the school addressing the controversy and identifying our member by name. CEAI staff intervened with her district and negotiated a compromise that the letter would only be sent to her grade-level parents, would not identify her by name, and would affirm that teachers have First Amendment free speech rights when acting as citizens on their own time. She very much appreciated the quick response and the intervention with her school district.

"For years I served as head of our union, but always felt a deep internal conflict to be a paying member in an organization that did not stand for my Christian beliefs. As I read the information about CEAI and watched the videos I became very excited, almost giddy, to be a part of an organization that valued what I did and would protect the values I hold dear for a fraction of the cost I paid before.”

CEAI Member

“Thanks to CEAI, my status is good! I was connected with a local attorney, and once he acted and made his presence in my case known, things moved. I was cleared of all charges of abuse, and escaped all disciplinary measures that were possible in my situation...Thank you!”

CEAI Member

Student/Parent Conflicts:

An out-of-control elementaryaged student was destroying classroom displays, calling teachers vile names, and roaming the halls making trouble in multiple classrooms. After several hours of requesting help from administration and security, our member and another teacher finally had to aggressively restrain him. This encounter was captured by a security camera, and the administrator warned of possible disciplinary action against our member. The credible threat of disciplinary action triggered CEAI’s Job Protection Benefit, which provided a local attorney to represent her. In the words of this teacher, as soon as the CEAI-referred attorney got involved, “things moved,” and she was cleared of all charges of abuse and avoided any disciplinary measures.

"I have been a member of CEAI since I entered the Public School Mission Field. I never really thought a lot about this organization, mostly just paid my dues without much thought...until last year. During the 2019 school year my principal falsely accused me of “preaching scripture” during a lesson in which I was being observed for my state evaluation...This ordeal lasted for months with lots of legal help and counseling through CEAI. I would not have survived last year had it not been for the many facets of this divine organization.”

CEAI Member

Professional Association:

One of our members had a question about her liability coverage while teaching online. She planned to have 1:1 and small group teaching time during the COVID-19 social distancing mandates and questioned whether her coverage would apply. We were happy to assure her that CEAI has her covered no matter whether she teaches inperson, online, individually, or in groups.


A junior high school PE teacher who also coaches wrestling objected to being required to coach a co-ed wrestling team. He contacted us to find out if he had a legal right to keep his current teaching position if he resigned his coaching responsibility. CEAI counseled him that while supplemental coaching contracts are separate, oneyear contracts, teaching contracts can be multiyear. His teaching contract would not be jeopardized, and his CEAI Job Protection Benefit would defend him with an attorney should it be threatened.

Supervisor Conflicts:

A member had just been hired to teach at a Christian school but was informed that one of her students has two mothers in a lesbian relationship. Her principal simply told her to “not proselytize” and that the family didn’t have to believe as the school did. Feeling split between either having to avoid teaching on the topic of relationships altogether or creating potential conflict with the family, and feeling no support from the school or its affiliated church, she reached out to us for counsel. Our legal consultant prayed for her, explained her legal status, and answered her questions about whether she could find herself personally in legal jeopardy. The member prayerfully came to the conclusion that the Lord was leading her to resign this new position. She is now at peace with what God is doing
and referred to CEAI’s legal counsel as “kind, patient, and exact with her answer to my prayers.”

Peer Conflicts:

Our educational consultant spoke with a member being harassed by a peer who falsely reported her for misconduct and continued to threaten her. CEAI counseled her to treat it as bullying, to meet with her principal to resolve the situation, and offered to help her file a formal grievance if the harassment continued.

Faith Challenges:

A non-member wondered how to get a Bible elective course into his public high school district. We directed him to two possible programs that were already courttested and reviewed the benefits of becoming a paid member as he develops and teaches such a course.

"I am thankful and completely impressed by my interactions with you...Your actions with me were timely, frank, and to the point. The fact that CEAI operates under Biblical principles is most comforting to me...As a 33-year veteran teacher, I count myself blessed to have found CEAI and the support and protection they offer."

CEAI Member

Educational Practice:

A member was being pressured by multiple district officials to divulge the name of her son’s friend who was suicidal. This was not one of her students. She was told that since she is a mandated reporter, she could lose her job if she didn’t. CEAI directed her to legal resources for her state clarifying in what circumstances and to whom she would be required to report and supported her next steps in respectful communication with district staff defending her legal position.


A member was accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a female student who identifies as male, and the police confiscated his phone. Upon contacting CEAI, we prayed for him and advised him that he should not submit to questioning or provide written statements without an attorney. He assured us that the accusations were baseless and that they would not even find a bad word on his phone. After the investigation, the sheriff returned his phone, stating that he was a man of high integrity and there was no evidence of wrongdoing. He was grateful for the support, counsel, and prayer he received from CEAI.

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