THE GIFT – 11/19/2020

By November 19, 2020Daily Devotionals

November 19, 2020

Prayer: Lord, show us who needs encouragement along the way.

Scripture: Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers. Gal. 6:10

Mr. Pratt taught instrumental music at the middle school in his town for a very long time and had seen many families come and go. One such family was remarkable in many ways. The Lindstroms and their family of five children served as missionaries in Africa. Every five years they would come back to the states for a year and live in Mr. Pratt’s town. They enjoyed the fellowship of their home church and liked to expose their children to other children in the public schools there. The children had a reputation as good students, socially popular and musically gifted.

Mr. Pratt had taught some of Emma’s older sisters in years gone by and had enjoyed the contact with this godly family. When Emma entered middle school and wanted to take up a band instrument, Mr. Pratt suggested the French horn because of Emma’s strong musical sense. As the year went on and Emma progressed by leaps and bounds, Mr. Pratt wondered what would happen to all this talent when Emma had to go back to Africa.

At about this time, a teacher in the school system needed extra money for his college age son and decided to sell his own horn. Mr. Pratt made the connection, and the Lindstroms decided to buy it, at a real sacrifice to them. During this process, the Holy Spirit spoke to him about helping this dear missionary family pay for the horn. Obediently, Mr. Pratt sent off a rather large check to help with the purchase.

Do you make it a point to get acquainted with the Christian students and families in your school? Are there ways that you can be aware of their needs and helpful to them? Ask God to give you a special ministry to those brothers and sisters in Him. What a blessing He has intended for all of you!

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