T. L. C. – 02/16/2021

By February 16, 2021Daily Devotionals

T. L. C.
February 16, 2021

Prayer: May we, as educators,  turn to and find God in the midst of our trials or pain — to receive the equipping, empowering and encouraging elements of the Holy Spirit through Jesus our Lord. Amen

Scripture:”What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him?” Ps. 8:4

What place bustles the most in a school every morning before the bell and every day after lunch? Besides the principal’s office… the school nurse’s office sees the most visitors.

Though the nurse meets everyone in the school at one time or another, there are, in any school, regular customers at the nurse’s office. You know the ones: those children who can make up any number of excuses to get out of their least favorite subject, those who make every cut and scrape appear to be life threatening, those with whom the nurse is on a first name basis.

What attracts these children to the school nurse? In most schools, children find her full of tender, loving care. She seems to know what each one of them needs physically, but most of all what they need emotionally.

Teachers, because of their responsibilities to all the other children, cannot attend to their heart needs so many times during a week. The school nurse has the time (usually) for one-on-one conversation and gentle nurturing. God bless those school nurses who know Him and serve Him by ministering to these children.

Our Creator ministers to us in the same way. He always has time for one-on-one with us. The living God thinks of us and cares for us day by day in tenderness and love. Let this fact lead you to worship Him today and remember His faithful presence as you serve Him in your school. You can go to Him and get better care than you can seeing the school nurse!

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