DID ANYBODY NOTICE? – 04-29-2021

By April 29, 2021Daily Devotionals

April 29, 2021
Prayer: Thank You, Lord for knowing all about me and for sending encouragement even before I need it. Please encourage all my co-workers today. Amen.

Scripture: God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them. Heb. 6:10

Thirty years of teaching!! Quite a milestone in my estimation but no one paid any attention. Not that I expected my school system to do any more for me than they did for anyone else, yet, I felt down on that last day of school at the end of my 30th year, because no one even noticed but me. These had been extremely difficult years, most of them, yet I was determined to make a difference for Christ there. His faithfulness and His help became a constant necessity, and a constant reality.

As I arrived home, there was a UPS package for me. Curiously, I tore into it to discover a watch (gold in color) that I had ordered months ago. In celebration of my husband’s 30 years with his company that same year, they had sent out a flyer of gift selections from which he could choose. Not seeing anything that appealed to him, he allowed me to choose something for myself. I chose the watch.

How good of the Lord that, on this very day, this last day of my 30th year, He had prepared a special surprise for me even as I had my own private “pity party.” You may be seeing milestones come and go in your career without any recognition or “thank you” from anyone, but remember that the Lord knows all you have been through and all that you have done in His name as you have sought to carry His name in your teaching. Be encouraged! He hasn’t forgotten.

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