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Leave Teachers Unions Now

By April 3, 2021April 6th, 2021A Message From Our Director, Featured, What's New

Leave Teachers Unions Now

CEAI Executive Director David Schmus addresses theĀ 2021 Education Impact ConferenceĀ in California on 3/18/21 with a call for Christian educators in public schools to stop supporting the radical and immoral political agenda of teachers unions and join alternative professional associations like CEAI.


  • Ramona Garcia says:

    Yes! I would like more info.

  • David Schmus says:

    Ramona, I just sent you an email! A great place to start is at Blessings! Or just click the “union issues” heading over to the left.

  • Dan and Jen Hamilton says:

    Wow! Thank you for the excellent information. I will be sharing this video. We will be calling. Would love to speak with a local rep here in SE Nebraska.