BECAUSE – 06-07-2021

By June 7, 2021Daily Devotionals

June 07, 2021

Prayer: Unchanging Father, Give me your wisdom and understanding in handling
each child in my class. Remind me daily that they are Your children first. Please bring each one to saving knowledge of Jesus. Thank You. Amen

Scripture: It is the glory of God to conceal a matter. Proverbs 25:2.

“Because I said so!” How many times have we as teachers heard our mother’s or father’s voices as we repeated those words? Most times we give good reasons when we want students to respond positively to our decisions. However, there are times when the matter is either too complicated, or because students aren’t privy to information we have, or because we are in a hurry, when this adult response comes from our lips.

God has been known to deal with us in the same way. When he dealt with Job, God gave no reason for the trials coming to this faithful servant of His. Joseph in prison in Egypt certainly didn’t know what God was about. There will be times when nothing seems to make sense to us, when God requires us to experience failure, or pain or loss—when we have done all we thought God was asking of us and still things don’t turn out well, according to our human reasoning.

Do we trust God’s love enough to let Him be silent as to His plan? Maybe the matter is too complicated for us to understand. Maybe we aren’t privy to information He has. We know that He does not withhold information from us because, unlike us, He is not in a hurry. Do we trust His authority and His wisdom when He says to us, “Because I said so!”?

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