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By October 13, 2021Daily Devotionals

October 13, 2021

Prayer: Lord, it is not by might or power (our knowledge, skills, and programs) but by Your Spirit that we will overcome this year’s Goliaths. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit. Amen

Scripture: “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty. Zechariah 4:6 NIV

Courage simply defined is the inner strength necessary to do a difficult or dangerous job. Being a public school teacher is not often a dangerous job but it quite often can be a difficult one. One of the greatest difficulties we face is the task of being given the responsibility to teach specific objectives to students who seemingly do not have the prerequisite knowledge, motivation, or behavioral skills necessary to meet those objectives. Every year God seems to send us Goliath students or Goliath class periods of students that we can’t seem to motivate or move in the right direction no matter what old or new strategies or programs we try. Sometimes God may even place an unmoving Goliath administrator, co-worker, or parent in the middle of our professional field. What Goliath or Goliaths has God placed in the middle of your academic field this year?

God places these Goliaths in our professional lives because He wants to be in partnership with us. He wants us to realize we can’t do this job by ourselves, that we need His presence and leadership. He gives us tasks and challenges that we can face and overcome only with His Spirit and guidance. As we look at the Goliaths we face this year we can hear the Lord telling us, “It’s not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit.”  Specifically, for us as educators, He is saying, “It’s not by more money, knowledge, and programs, but by My Spirit. Place your trust and faith in Me, not yourself, not others, not other things, and watch what I will do. Seek Me first. Come to Me in prayer where you work. Agree with others in prayer where you work and watch what I will do. Cry out to Me.”

Do you remember the story of David and Goliath? Saul tries to put his armor on David. Had David worn and used those weapons and armor, he would have been defeated. David did not trust in weapons or armor. He trusted in the Lord. The Lord gave him the courage and the specific skills needed to accomplish the objective set before him. We need knowledge, skills, and programs just like David needed his sling and stones, but our trust and faith must be in God, not the skills, programs, and knowledge we utilize.

Reflection: Do I have misplaced faith in my professional life?

Getting Real: Identify the professional Goliath(s) you are facing. Ask God what to do about it (them). Listen and obey. Trust Him.

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