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By May 13, 2022Daily Devotionals

May 13, 2022

Prayer: Lord, we turn and repent from serving the god of “More” in our personal, professional, and church lives. We confess our own greed, the greed of those in our culture, and the greed of those in education. Amen

Scripture: Then he said to them, “Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; life does not consist in an abundance of possessions [technology, paperwork, accountability, programs, materials, personnel, meetings, etc.].” Luke 12:15 NIV

We live in a culture dominated by the word more. Success is not measured by obedience to God or by the fruit of the Spirit (peace, joy, love, patience, kindness, etc.) one bears. Success is measured by getting more money, more information, more square feet in your home, more friends, more cable channels, more members in your church, more pixels on your digital camera, more minutes on your cell phone, more power on your computer, and more miles per gallon. Success is often measured by meeting our own or others’ standards and expectations apart from God.

Education reflects this. More children need to pass state exams. We need more technology, more information, more programs, more team meetings, more faculty meetings, more district meetings, more money, more paperwork, more accountability, more workshops…. MORE!  MORE! MORE! Do you hear Satan screaming like a spoiled child, “I demand more! Give me more!” Everywhere everyone is rushing through life seeking the illusive More which they can never catch. More has become a deity and the heart of More is greed.

Do you see Jesus standing on the side of this busy freeway? He is holding up various signs as we pass. Slow down! Pull over! Turn off the radio and TV! Put your cell phone down! Turn off your computer! The cars are rushing by at such high speeds few can read the signs. Few acknowledge, except on Sunday mornings, that His directions are even worth heeding. Can you read His lips? He is saying, “Less is more. Less is more. Come follow me, and I will give you rest. I will give you peace.” He is also asking us some questions, “Does more and more make-up make you more beautiful? Does more and more food make you healthier and healthier? Does more and more luggage make your vacation better? Does more and more furniture make your house more comfortable?”

What are our answers? What is our response?

Reflection: Are you primarily driven in your personal life, profession, and the community by communication with and obedience to God or by the constant striving for more? What about those around you?

Getting Real: Slow down! Take time each day to be still and alone with God. Take a “real” Sabbath day of rest each week. Make a list of the things that the Lord wants you to DECREASE in your life in order to live in greater obedience to Him. Post the list and start doing them.

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  • Barbara says:

    I think this is one thing God was trying to teach us during the pandemic – we don’t need everything we thought we did, we don’t need to do everything we thought we did – but things are speeding up again. I am trying to keep it simple.

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