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The Two Wings of CEAI – What We Do

The Protection Wing

We Protect Christian Educators in Their Profession

We protect our Members with Coverage with 3 major protections.

  • Pays up to $2 million for damages arising from professional liability and employment liability lawsuits.
  • A Job Action Protection benefit that provides a local attorney to represent educators.
  • Unlimited Educational and Legal Consultation with our legal counsel and support professionals.

In whatever situation you face, we will walk through it with you, praying with you, and counseling you, all from a Biblical worldview.

The Ministry Wing

We Equip Christian Educators to Transform Their Schools

To raise up and equip transformed educators, we’ve developed three ministry initiatives.

  • Teach with Faith (Not Fear): a free webinar that explains how to walk out your faith legally in public schools.
  • LIFT America: LIFT gatherings equip and inspire educators to take Jesus into our schools—to abide, listen, and follow the voice of the Holy Spirit to extend God’s Kingdom.
  • The Daniel Project: Weekend and summer trainings to raise up missional educational leaders who are transforming schools all over the nation.

Mission of CEAI

What We Believe

We believe God has a purpose for every Christian educator…

Our Mission

So we encourage, equip, connect, and protect them…

Our Method

Through strategic initiatives, training, support, and legal coverage…

Our Vision

In order for them to serve as thriving ambassadors for Christ in our schools.

CEAI History

National Educators Fellowship, Inc. (NEF) was organized in 1953 by Dr. Clyde M. Narramore, a psychologist for the Los Angeles County Schools, and Benjamin S. Weiss, the principal of Metropolitan High School in Los Angeles, when they gathered 11 educators in Clyde’s home in Pasadena, California.

The group was organized in response to an expressed need that more than half of the millions of children and youth attending America’s schools have no moral and spiritual training other than that which they may incidentally receive in their public school education. Educators needed to be equipped and encouraged to meet this need.

Within a few months, their meetings grew to 150 educators who worshipped, shared testimonies, and grew more excited about what God was doing. Clyde began to travel and speak to encourage Christian educators around the country. From this beginning, the national organization expanded.

Our magazine, Teachers of Vision, began in 1955 with the “Vision” newsletter. CEAI began National Conventions in 1970 than ran through 2003, with themes such as “Christ for the Crisis in Education,” and “Learning from the Master Teacher.”

In 1984, the name of the organization was changed to Christian Educators Association International (CEAI).

In 1991 under the leadership of Forrest Turpen, CEAI successfully established the member insurance program, providing professional liability insurance and job action protection benefits for members, turning CEAI into an effective alternative to teachers’ unions, at a time when unions were embracing values more and more hostile to the Biblical worldview. This obviously met a need, as membership grew over 500% from 1991 to 2003.

After Finn Laursen assumed leadership in 2003, CEAI launched several new initiatives to equip educators and transform schools, including the Daniel Project in 2010, which is raising up missional educational leaders to be “modern-day Daniels.” In 2015, CEAI launched LIFT America, which is gathering educators in cities across the country to encourage and inspire them to take Jesus onto their campuses. 

Now with David Schmus as Executive Director, CEAI looks to continue to equip Christian educators to faithfully represent Christ in an increasingly challenging cultural environment. Would you pray for us and consider joining us is this critical mission?