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CEAI Chapters and Networks

CEAI Chapters and Networks
Teaching or administering in a public or private school as a committed Christian can be wearing, challenging and lonely. Membership in a Christian Educator Association International (CEAI) Chapter or Network can mean the difference between discouragement and encouragement in one’s life’s calling as an educator.

Chapters are formally organized and require elected chapter officers; a chapter constitution, a plan for the year including at least five meetings. Networks are individually led and informally organized. To be formally recognized as a CEAI Chapter or Network an application must be made to and approved by the CEAI Board of Directors.

CEAI Chapters
Unlike so many meetings that educators are required to attend, this regularly scheduled chapter meeting becomes a source of inspiration and guidance toward making one’s vocation a sacred mission, rather than just a career.

It is within chapter meetings that Christian educators can find professional camaraderie, opportunities for leadership, and strengthening of their faith as it relates to day-to-day challenges. Within the setting of chapter meetings, Christian educators feel connected, not only to each other locally, but to the organization nationally, and to all it has to offer.

CEAI Networks
Because many Christian educators find their profession so time-consuming, “joining” another professional group that meets regularly and requires commitment seems impossible. In addition, some leaders have a zeal and concern for Christian educators in their local area, but find formally organizing a group prohibitive because of time constraints and other responsibilities.

It is for this reason that the Christian Educators Association International (CEAI) Board of Directors has approved a group policy that is much less time and energy taxing. CEAI recognizes small networks of Christian educators meeting together either regularly or sporadically for prayer and mutual concerns under a CEAI-approved leader.

A network will inspire, support, and give godly encouragement to the educator. This kind of fellowship group will be a benefit to many CEAI members and other Christians in the field of education.

Here is a list of current Chapters and Networks.

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