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Are You A CEAI Member Facing Job Related Issues And Don’t Know Where To Go For Advice?

If you are threatened with job action by your district or a lawsuit by a student or parent, DO NOT TAKE ANY ACTION OR SUBMIT A RESIGNATION!

Contact the membership service center to discuss your situation with a consultant.

Our Response to Your Needs

  1. We discuss your area of need and formulate an appropriate response with you.
  2. If your need requires more than professional advice, we will ask you to provide us with the information documenting your circumstances. Once we receive your information, we initiate insurance and legal help and create an action plan with you.
  3. When appropriate, our Director of Legal Services will help you connect with a qualified attorney in your community.
  4. You may use an attorney we recommend or choose to use one with whom you have an existing relationship.
  5. We’ll continue to monitor your situation until it has been resolved.

Not sure if you need assistance?

Contact Us Anyway To Explore Your Options!

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