November, 2018 - February, 2019

“Thank you for your help. It’s wonderful to know that I have people like you and the CEAI organization to help in times of need.”

In our last Member Service Report, we “pulled back the veil” a bit on how CEAI serves our members in need by explaining our case categories, how many of each category we received, and a few examples of them.

In this report, we’ve compiled the same data for you, but also have provided some geographic representation of where our cases came from.

What is a Member Service Case?

At CEAI we get many inquiries from our members (and many non-members). Inquiries become “cases” when they require the attention of one of our legal or educational consultants.

I think the best part of your ministry is your heart for God. It reminds me that Christians CAN make a difference in public education.

CEAI Member

Just the fact that I know that I can pick up the phone and get help and that I am not alone is
huge! The advice was good and helped me to avoid moving in a harmful direction with the

CEAI Member

The complete version of this report, including several specific case stories, was sent to our Members with Coverage via email. If you would like the complete version, please contact us.

You have given me a sense of peace that I haven’t had this school year. I am thankful that I was told of this organization. I have felt a peace come over me since joining. Thank you so much!

CEAI Member

The advice I received from CEAI was outstanding and served me greatly...The prayers and wise counsel were timely and greatly appreciated. GOD IS GREAT!

CEAI Member

Category Descriptions

Contract / Employment

Questions/disputes about contracts , pay/benefits, required duties, etc.


Allegations against teachers that may or have result in a reprimand or discipline case against them.

Peer Conflicts

Conflicts with fellow teachers, aides or coaches, etc.

Educational Practice

Questions or issues regarding the practice of teaching, e.g. lesson plans, evaluations, IEPs, curriculum, etc.

Professional Association

Questions about CEAI, unions, Janus case, association membership, liability insurance, benefits, etc.

Religious Freedoms

Can I/Can’t I questions or cases about the law in regards to religious freedoms.

Faith Challenges

Issues where members face challenges walking out their faith as an educator.

Supervisor Conflicts

Conflicts with administrators, supervisors, superintendents, dept. chairs, or board members.

Student/Parent Conflicts

Conflict/issue the student and/or their parents.

Your advice as excellent! I believe it saved me from taking a potentially unwise step, potentially making things worse.

CEAI Member

You and CEAI were awesome! I really appreciate the support and advice.

CEAI Member

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