CEAI Executive Director David Schmus speaks to the 43rd Annual Conference of Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism (CEAFU)

Did you abandon your union, or did your union abandon you? Many Christian educators appreciate the work of their local associations. But if they want to belong to their local, they are unfortunately forced to join state and national unions that have given up any pretense of representing the political, ideological, and religious diversity of their members. This presentation gives four examples of just how far the national teachers unions have gone to alienate Christians.

At Christian Educators Association, though we oppose forced unionism, we know that some Christian teachers are called to get involved in their unions in a courageous attempt to bring change from within. Others have felt compelled to get out, unwilling that their membership dues support unbiblical causes that break God’s heart. At CEAI, we encourage you to seek the Lord on this important issue. Regardless of your choice with respect to union membership, CEAI is here to support you.