God’s Love and Truth for our Schools: On Valentine’s Day

CEAI Executive Director David Schmus and his wife Elizabeth sharing about the opportunity of Valentine’s Day for Christian educators to engage students about biblical love.

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Valentine’s Day in Your Classroom

David Schmus, Executive Director

As a Christian educator in a public school, I made an effort to use holidays as occasions to educate my students about our shared history. In many cases, this provided opportunities to discuss explicitly Christian ideas and eternal issues. Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is such an opportunity.

Most attempts to tell the true history of Valentine’s Day focus on the story of a Christian priest, “Valentine,” who secretly performed marriage ceremonies after they had been outlawed by the Roman emperor. Archeological evidence does support Valentine’s existence, but where history ends and legend begins is hard to tell.

Some sources suggest that Valentine was captured and executed on February 14, possibly in A.D. 270. However, just before his execution, he penned a note to his beloved signed, “From Your Valentine.” Check out some of the links below for more information about the history of Valentine’s Day, including videos you can show your students.

Beyond telling this story, we at Christian Educators Association encourage you to use Valentine’s Day to engage your students with a biblical model of love. Our culture confuses love with emotion—as something we “fall” into or out of. While love certainly includes powerful emotions, we know from the scriptures that love is characterized by a choice to act, even when our emotions are leading the other way.

Paul’s words in 1 Corinthians 13, Jesus’ own experience in Gethsemane, and countless other examples show that true love is sacrificial. Marriages that last are those built on the love of a husband and wife who do experience emotional connection, but also have the character to choose to love even in times when emotions are contrary. How can we lead our students to build a foundation of this biblical model of love?

I would encourage you to check out some of the resources below and ask the Holy Spirit to lead you for your specific students. Please comment below with your own tips for making Valentine’s Day a meaningful experience in our classrooms. And may the Lord bless you with His great love this Valentine’s Day.

Video Resources

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History of Valentine’s Day for older students

Inspirational videos for classroom use

History of Valentine’s Day for most ages

Mentioned in the CEAI Valentine’s Day video

Other Resources

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