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How to Bring the Student of Character Award to Your School

Talk with your principal to gain approval. Print out some of the tools here and take them with you to help describe the award. You can show the Award Description, the Certificate, the Award Plaque, and the Award Speech. You can also ask if he/she would mind signing the certificates when the time comes.

Find a coordinator for the Student of Character award at your school. This might be you! Please let Roger at the KY CEAI office know who the coordinator will be.

Email Roger Dillion

Let’s say you are the coordinator. As coordinator, ask another CEAI member in the school to work together with you, and if none exists, invite a Christian colleague to help.

Fill in your dates on the Suggested Timeline to help you manage the process.

Decide what kind of physical award the winners will receive. We encourage creativity! The awards can be as simple as a framed certificate or as special as a clear acrylic plaque (see Award Plaque Option). The plaques typically cost around $30 each plus shipping. Because of the cost, we encourage you to find a sponsor or sponsors for such an award. The Award Description will be helpful in sharing with potential sponsors. If you are interested in a clear acrylic plaque, we have set up an option to save you time. We do not profit from this recommendation, so if you would rather order from another source that is fine.

Send a group email to the teachers who will be nominating students for the award. We have included a Nomination Email here for you to copy and paste. Compile the nominations and determine a winner for each grade. You may want to choose both a boy and a girl winner for older grades. Order your plaques or other awards. Please check the Suggested Timeline to prevent undo stress!

Personalize the Certificate. Be sure to replace the “Your School Name” with the actual name of your school and look at a print preview to double check that the spacing looks correct. You can further personalize the certificates with individual names for each student nominated or you can delete the name line and ask each teacher to hand write the students’ names for the ones he/she nominated. Again, double check that the spacing looks correct before printing. Sign the certificates on the CEAI Coordinator line. Ask the principal to sign them. Deliver the certificates to the teachers and ask them to please sign them and pass them out in class on the award day.

On the day of the awards assembly, we suggest that you use the Award Speech from your packet to present the awards.

Celebrate how God is working in your school and let Roger know how things went!

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