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Quiet Calling
By Sophia Lee
On a recent Saturday evening, hundreds gathered at an Orange County, Calif., church to testify, worship, and pray for one another. Nothing surprising about that. More surprising—they came from public school districts from across Southern California: K-12 teachers, principals, administrators, custodians, college professors, and parents.

The Fight Over the Constitutionality of Union Fees Continues
By Sherry Karabin
The fight over whether unions can require nonunion public sector employees to pay them service or fair share fees to support their collective bargaining work is continuing.
On March 29 the U.S. Supreme Court failed to reach a majority decision in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, allowing the fee collections to stand.
Currently 23 states, including Ohio, mandate that nonunion members pay these fees.

California Teachers Unions Force Nonmembers to Pay for LGBT, Other Political Goals
By Kevin Mooney
A large California teachers union and its national affiliate are forcing nonunion teachers to pay for political activism, according to a disclosure form acquired by The Daily Signal.

The Latest Teachers Unions’ Monopoly Moves
By Larry Sand
April revealed the teachers unions’ desperation over losing control of top-down, one-size fits all government-run schools.

In many ways April was normal for teacher union monopolists. Early in the month, the Washington Teachers Union said it would challenge a new law in the Evergreen State that corrected problems in the way that charter schools, which had been marked for extinction, are funded. The modified law would allow their scant eight operating charters to remain open. Obviously that is eight too many for WTU, which is suing over the use of state funding for the schools, as well as their “lack of public accountability.”
Union Exposes Vast Right-Wing, Moderate & Center-Left Conspiracy
By Mike Antonucci
In 2013 a Massachusetts Teachers Association task force created “Threat from the Right,” a document designed to alert members to the evil forces arrayed against them. Today the union updated that report with “Threat to Public Education Now Centers on Massachusetts,” indicating the threat has expanded beyond the right-wing and even includes some foundations and organizations that have dealings with teachers’ unions. I have made the 101-page report available on EIA’s Declassified page.

Courts Are Failing Children on the Promise of Brown v. Board of Education
By Gwen E Samuel
As a mother of color, I have long looked to American courts to right wrongs and serve justice when systemic injustices continue to occur, especially in education. But I’m starting to wonder if I can still count on our courts to protect the rights of children the same way they protect special interest. Over the past year, I’ve watched justices from the court of appeals all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court issue decisions that hurt disadvantaged kids – particularly students of color.

Teacher Shortage Claim Is Still Short on Data
By Larry Sand
No matter how many times it’s repeated, the national teacher shortage story is a canard.

In the months since I last wrote about the alleged teacher shortage crisis, I had hoped the hysteria would abate. But alas, it hasn’t; if anything, it has increased, with the teachers unions at the forefront of the bogus story.

How the Federal Government is Transforming Public Education
By Andrew T. Walker
On the day that the Supreme Court issued its Obergefell ruling, the U.S. Department of Education quickly changed its Facebook avatar to a rainbow, an image now synonymous with the gay rights movement in America. Easy to overlook (because who among us “likes” federal agencies on Facebook?), the ostensible celebration by the Department of Education communicates one essential reality: The drive toward redefining marriage and abandoning male-female complementarity has gained official government endorsement.

Transgender Medical Abuse of Children
By Linda Harvey
Bathrooms are useful, it seems, for more than just bodily necessities.

In the recent federal transgender bathroom mandate, Obama and his pro-homosexual and pro-transgender agencies attempt to use children and bathrooms to unilaterally overhaul civil rights law in this country.

Liberty Counsel Asks Virginia Supreme Court to Block Fairfax Transgender Policy
By Liberty Counsel
Liberty Counsel filed a Petition for Appeal requesting that the Virginia Supreme Court hear the case against the School Board of Fairfax County regarding its illegal policy involving “sexual orientation,” “gender identity,” and “gender expression.” Virginia civil rights laws explicitly prohibit local governing bodies from altering the state’s nondiscrimination policy.

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