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Friedrichs Denied
By Orange County Register Editorial

In another victory for the educational status quo, the Supreme Court rejected a motion to rehear Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association, which deadlocked 4-4 in March after the death of Justice Antonin Scalia. The move preserves a lower court ruling that public-employee unions can continue to force non-members to pay agency fees for collective bargaining.

NEA Adopts Plan to Support Transgender Restroom Access
By Stephen Sawchuk

Delegates at the National Education Association’s annual convention approved a measure designed to redouble the union’s efforts to end discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, and to support the rights of transgender students to use the restrooms that correspond to their gender identity.

Schools: Declare Independence From Teachers’ Unions
By Linda Harvey

As the sexually obsessed National Education Association wrapped up its annual convention, many of us realized it’s high time for every American school to file for divorce.

The nation’s largest union is ruining our schools and our country, and corrupting the next generation.

Chicago Teachers Union Boots Chess Coach For Not Joining One-Day Strike
By Brad Edwards

He crossed the line – the CPS teachers’ one-day strike — out of his love for the classroom. Joseph Ocol stuck with his kids and brought home a chess championship. Tonight, he’s expelled from the union and wonders if he’ll even have a job.

Some Religious Colleges Forgo Federal Funding, Staying Free of Civil Rights Rule
By Ibby Caputo and Jon Marcus

In the storm over how much money the federal government spends on student aid, and the spiraling amount of federal loan debt graduates face, Hillsdale College is an oasis.

The Child Asked, ‘What If I Identify as a Dinosaur?’
By Michael Brown

I was speaking to a group of young people, primarily aged 12-18, at an apologetics conference at a local Christian school, addressing the issues of sexuality and gender. Towards the end of my presentation, I played a video about the man who first identified as a woman but now identifies as a mythical, female dragon.

California LGBT Bill an Assault on Christian Colleges
By Mass Resistance

Christian colleges are the latest target in an all out LGBT assault on religious freedom and the First Amendment. S1146 would force colleges in the state to publicize their policies and practices that are supposedly “discriminatory.”

Alan Shlemon on Students Engaging in Pro-life
Host: Greg Koukl

Guest: Alan Shlemon on Students Engaging in Pro-life Dialogue

Caller Topic:

1. How is the Christian God a better explanation than the multiverse? (00:33)

2. Is there ever a time to be combative when witnessing?

The End of Absolutes: America’s New Moral Code
By The Barna Group

Christian morality is being ushered out of American social structures and off the cultural main stage, leaving a vacuum in its place—and the broader culture is attempting to fill the void. New research from Barna reveals growing concern about the moral condition of the nation, even as many American adults admit they are uncertain about how to determine right from wrong.

The Bible in America: 6-Year Trends
By The Barna Group

With over 5 billion copies sold, the Bible remains earth’s most-read book. But the world in which we read and engage with the Bible is rapidly changing. The steady rise of skepticism is creating a cultural atmosphere that is becoming unfriendly to claims of faith; the adoption of self-fulfillment as our culture’s ultimate measure of good is re-orienting moral authority; and the explosive growth of digital tools such as Bible apps, daily reading plans, study resources and online communities offer unprecedented access to the Scriptures.

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