LIFT America – Is Your City Next?

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Is Your City Next?

Christian educators in our schools are often feeling overwhelmed, disconnected and uninspired. There may be fellow believers down the hall or across campus, but they don’t always know each other well, or even at all.

At LIFT America gatherings Christians come from schools all across a city, and in the process learn they are not alone. They worship, share a meal together and discuss what God is doing in their schools. They will learn about their legal freedoms and where the boundaries lie for people desiring to be faithful and to honor God in a public school setting.

Bakersfield Gathering

“Institutional transformation will come through personal revival.”
“God is looking for people who will humbly listen and courageously obey.”
“Behind every pair of eyes is an eternal soul.”

Southern California Gathering

“We are called to abide, listen and follow.”
“I’m reminded that Christians in the schools are like modern-day Daniels.”
“I can’t leave Jesus in the parking lot at 7:30am and pick him up again at 3:45.”

Louisville Gathering

” We’re not called to teach history, but to change history, one student at a time.”
“I am not alone. There are many Christian teachers I can lean on when things get tough.”
” Christ can’t be taken out of my school, because Christ can’t be taken out of me.”

Its amazing what a school gym can become!

If you think its time for your city, county or region to have a gathering of Christian educators contact me and we will begin to pray and ask God to do something extraordinary.

God be honored in all we do!

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