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What Can We Do As Christian Public School Educators? [VIDEO]

As Christian public school educators, we've all heard about the separation of church and state. Many of us would like to walk out our faith more openly, but live in fear of breaking the law and suffering the consequences. We know there are things we can't do. But doesn't the Constitution protect our rights as well? What can we do?

In fact, there are many ways to walk out our faith in public schools without breaking the law. In this brief video, you will be introduced to the many things we can do. After watching, be sure to share it with your colleagues.

Please leave a comment, ask a question, or let us know what you do on your campus!


  • Dr. Al Eads, Jr. says:

    Very good presentation.
    I wish more of our school law professors would at least list both the things you can do as well as the can’t do when discussing the religious court rulings that have been issued over the years. Unfortunately, this is not happening in a majority of the graduate school classrooms.

  • Camille says:

    Thank you and blessings!

  • Mark Allard says:

    Thank you! This is very helpful AND encouraging.

  • fred currie says:

    Thank you. Outstanding information. I did almost everything you mentioned when I was teaching. I am a retired teacher/coach and continue to take share the gospel in three middle schools and one high school in the SWISD where I substitute teach.
    Our FCA at McNair MS that started in 2000 is still meeting (Wed. mornings before school). Resnik MS opened two years ago and started an FCA huddle (Thursday mornings before school). I am still talking to a coach in the third MS to get an FCA started.
    And, every Christmas season before students leave for the Christmas break, I get permission from the school principals and athletic coaches to pass out candy canes to their athletes after I tell them the candy cane story. Please pray as some coaches refuse.
    Last year, God opened the door for me to give almost 300 candy canes to five different schools. Only One was a Christian school. This year I am getting help to pay for the candy because I am praying that I will need 500 or more canes. Please pray.
    I also take a nativity scene to put on display. Most of the time some students offer to set it up. Praise the Lord.
    Jesus Is The Reason For The Season.