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Press Release: NEA finally admits stance on abortion: pro-life teachers have other options

Press Release

NEA finally admits stance on abortion: pro-life teachers have other options

July 25, 2019: The National Education Association has finally admitted what has been evident for years—they are unapologetically pro-abortion.

At their annual meeting held in Houston this month, the largest teachers’ union in the nation passed New Business Item 56, which states in part: “The NEA vigorously opposes all attacks on the right to choose and stands on the fundamental right to abortion under Roe v. Wade.”

As Christian Educators Association International (CEAI) has documented, the NEA has been quietly supporting Planned Parenthood for years. But the timing of this admission is curious, given the fact that pro-life educators are now completely free to leave the NEA and other unions without paying fees as a result of the Janus v. AFSCME Supreme Court ruling of 2018.

Another curiosity with this move is that the NEA is supposedly in the business of protecting the jobs of educators, yet is now publicly committed to a policy that ends the lives of future students in the womb. “NEA support for abortion, despite the fact it violently cuts short the lives of millions of future students and therefore reduces demand for teachers, reveals that the NEA is more about a political agenda than serving educators,” responded David Schmus, executive director of CEAI.

Surveys have repeatedly shown that the majority of NEA members are not Democrat or liberal, and yet the NEA sends 97% of political contributions in that direction.

Given these facts, why do pro-life, conservative teachers remain as members of the NEA? Many are fearful that they will not be protected should an accusation be made against them, or are concerned about losing union-provided professional liability insurance.

These educators are often unaware that they can obtain both of these protections through CEAI. Schmus explains, “CEAI has been serving Christian educators in our public schools since 1953, and offers better insurance and job protections than unions for a fraction of the cost. But more importantly, we support our members from a Biblical worldview and don’t spend their membership dues on politics.”

Given that union dues in some states exceed $1000 per year, every teacher that resigns membership denies the NEA and their state affiliates those funds to promote abortion and other causes that so many of their members oppose. For more information, teachers can visit


  • Dorene Miller says:

    As a retired teacher who fought tooth and nail to protect my students, how can any teacher not respect the very life that gifts us with these children? Why would we be willing to kill off these babies, yet we’re willing to put our life on the line to keep our kiddos alive in case of an active shooter in our building, during a tornado, a fire, and more?

    Our union has betrayed us; sustaining our wages at one end, only to use our dues to support the horrors of the evil Planned Parenthood? Do we condone genocide, infanticide, dismemberment, and more? Are we willingly supporting the killing of the future generations that will be missing from our classrooms? Are you aware of the “Echo Effect”?

    Even if you have no moral integrity concerning this issue, or heart for the unborn, why would you kill the raw materials that guarantee future employment in the field of education?

    The next time you discipline a child for hurting another, stop and think; are you supporting the ultimate hurt?

  • Laura says:

    Does NEA have a policy to use Scholastic Books? Do the proceeds of those sales then get funneled to Planned Parenthood?