By January 27, 2020 January 28th, 2020 Daily Devotionals

January 27, 2020

Prayer: Oh Lord, please help us discipline our hearts and our minds to follow only You.

Scripture: The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; he who watches his way preserves his life. Proverbs 16:17 NAS

A large protruding barrier was set up on a busy road near our home. I did not understand why they needed to put up such a large barrier that interfered with the flow of traffic when the workers were way off the road in a nearby ditch. I later learned that several vehicles had run into that barrier which spared the lives of the workers.

It seems that we are curious beings and, when we drive by something like workers in a ditch, or other things that catch our attention, we tend to swerve our vehicles in that direction. Our eyes lead and our bodies follow. This can lead to great danger for ourselves and sometimes even others.

The exact same example is true for temptation in our lives. We may be on the straight path but if our eyes stray from the path to look at something or someone in a way that we should not – a movie or TV show, something on the internet, a magazine, a married man/woman, etc., our bodies tend to follow.

Our eyes will pull us right off the “highway of the upright” to a place of danger and destruction. What is turning the heads of your students? Is the dress code strictly enforced at your school? Is it strict enough? What are they looking at on the internet? What video games and TV shows are they watching? Do you see signs of swerving or does it happen suddenly? Could it be both, depending on the person and the circumstances? Have your eyes strayed off the path? Have you heard God warning you of impending danger ahead? Do you generally need a nudge, a quick jerk back onto the road or do you tend to hear the horn of a semi coming at you before you realize where you are headed?

My prayer for you is that you would watch your way and preserve your life.

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