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CEAI Member Service Report – 2020 – 2021

By November 16, 2021Featured, What's New

Thank you so much for your interest in CEAI! I am pleased to release our Member Service Report for the 2020-21 fiscal year.

This has been a challenging year for so many of our members. Largely due to concerns about COVID-19, we have seen our member service cases increase by an incredible 43% over last year.

I would encourage you to take a few minutes to see the various ways we serve our members and read examples of their stories, like this:

A CEAI member who serves as a school superintendent found himself triangulated between a principal (and other colleagues) strongly supportive of Critical Race Theory, and parents who believe that to be a harmful ideology. The superintendent was contacted by the principal who was seeking support for his position, but the superintendent agreed with the parents! This member called only an hour before a meeting between the parties to discuss the issue…

To hear the rest of the story, read the report below.

We are so grateful for our members and the opportunity to support you as you make an impact for Christ in our schools.


Member Service Report

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.


Year in Review

With all the upheaval and changes we are experiencing in our nation and our schools, CEAI protection is more important than ever. This past school year saw a significant increase in member service cases, particularly driven by questions about various COVID-19 related policies and mandates.

Here is a snapshot of how we served our members from July 2020 – June 2021. A service case occurs when a member requires the attention of one of our legal or educational consultants.

Member Case Referrals by State

Everything is resolved and you guys did an amazing job supporting me! I’m so pleased with my decision to join CEAI. — JEN

Member Service Cases By Category




Questions/ disputes about contracts, pay/benefits, required duties, etc., including COVID related issues.


A teacher from Colorado, whose district was having a phased reopening, was asked to decide which of her special ed. students should be brought back first. She didn’t feel comfortable doing this as she felt all of her students needed to be back in person and it wasn’t her role to choose. Our educational consultant suggested she send the full list of her students to the principal along with their prioritized needs. This would allow her principal to make an informed decision and avoid any parent complaints directed toward her. Our member followed this advice and responded, “You and your team are fabulous…a blessing! My gratitude to you all!”

Faith Challenges



Issues where members face challenges walking out their faith as an educator.


In California, a CEAI member who serves as a school superintendent found himself triangulated between a principal (and other colleagues) strongly supportive of Critical Race Theory, and parents who believe that to be a harmful ideology. The superintendent was contacted by the principal who was seeking support for his position, but the superintendent agreed with the parents! This member called only an hour before a meeting between the parties to discuss the issue. He received a rapid call back from a CEAI consultant, who, he was pleased to discover, is himself a former superintendent. They brainstormed ways to diffuse the situation by shifting the focus of the meeting to mutually supported goals, such as fostering a business model that will be successful in the estimation of the constituents (the parents).

Professional Association



Questions about CEAI, unions, the Janus case, association membership, liability insurance, benefits, etc.


A member contacted us after trying multiple times over a two-year period to terminate her union membership, including sending certified letters. Her requests were ignored by the union. The step-by-step instructions this member received and followed from CEAI regarding how to leave her union provided the basis for successful legal action by our pro bono legal partner. This member from California was not only successful in leaving the union but was also refunded all the union dues that were withheld from her paycheck during that two-year period.

You and your team are fabulous... a blessing! My gratitude to you all! Thank you. — LAUREN

Educational Practice



Questions or issues regarding the practice of teaching (e.g. lesson plans, evaluations, IEPs, curriculum, etc.).


A Christian educator in Maryland grew increasingly alarmed both as a teacher and as a parent of bi-racial children (who attend his school) by the introduction of “anti-racist” ideology that emphasized, among other things, group rather than individual identity. In addition to speaking up during the trainings, this member wanted advice on whether or not to email the superintendent. He was advised to avoid sending anything in writing, which would create a record that could potentially be used against him, but to instead express his concerns to the superintendent face to face.




Allegations against teachers may involve a reprimand or discipline case against them.


A California member was accused of physical abuse for his role in breaking up a fight at his middle school. Though exonerated by authorities, his case came before the state credentialing board. His CEAI job protection benefit provided an attorney, who effectively represented him and he kept his teaching credential. Subsequently, he and the district were sued by the parents and his CEAI professional liability insurance provided another attorney. The case was settled out of court for a minor amount at no cost to our member.

Supervisor Conflicts



Conflicts with administrators, supervisors, superintendents, dept. chairs, or board members.


A member from the Midwest was subjected to a lengthy angry tirade by her newly hired supervisor. She then met with the principal and superintendent and was assured that they were addressing the matter. Because those actions were confidential, she could not be sure if anything was actually done. She called CEAI to inquire about whether she should file a formal grievance. She reported that, “After much prayer, I took the advice you offered and did not file a formal complaint about my supervisor since the higher administration and school board were aware of what happened. [You were] so kind and helped me so much. It was also encouraging to hear that if I did decide to file a complaint that CEAI would help me write it that same day. I truly appreciate the support I would get with either decision.”

I’m happy with the service and greatly appreciate the Christian focus with the support provided. BIG change from my union. — CHRISTOPHER

I appreciated being able to discuss these concerns with you. I have a keen appreciation for CEAI who have assisted me in various times of my career. — PATTY

Student/Parent Conflicts



Can I/Can’t I questions or cases about the law in regard to religious freedoms.


An educator in Texas joined CEAI and immediately inquired about starting a Christian club for students on campus after school, wanting to know what she could and couldn’t do. CEAI provided her access to a Rise Up Summit session on starting Christian clubs and how to support campus ministry legally and effectively.

Religious Freedoms



Conflict/issues with students and/or their parents.


A Louisiana member had a special ed. student who was violent towards staff and other students. Our educational consultant worked with our member to develop a letter of concern for student/staff safety and district liability and discussed following up with a formal grievance if that did not resolve the issue. The student was removed from the classroom and the member replied, “This just shows that God is still on his throne, and answering prayers.”

Peer Conflicts



Conflicts with fellow teachers, aides, or coaches, etc.


A CEAI member from Missouri had a colleague who was unable to perform her duties because of a medical condition, but was keeping it a secret from the school. Our member felt torn between her desire to help her colleague and her responsibility to the school and was unsure of any legal obligation she may have. She received counsel from CEAI that there were no legal obligations but to consider her moral obligations to say something, however difficult. After following through on this the member testified, “The guidance I received was an answer to many of my prayers and gave me the confidence I needed to follow through on what I felt was right. The situation was resolved from all angles and my administration thanked me for stepping up and saying something. Thank you!”

THANK YOU for getting back to me so quickly when I was distressed by the news at school! You all are a godsend and such an encouragement to me! I’m at peace and learning to rest in God knowing He is good and His thoughts are higher than ours. Thanks again, and blessings! —YUE

Summary of Member Benefits


$2 million in liability insurance coverage in case you are sued
In case of a job action against you, such as suspension, termination of employment, or involuntary transfer, you will be provided with a local attorney to represent you, up to the limits of coverage
Unlimited access to educational consultants for advice, counsel, and prayer support
Term life insurance (first year at no cost-subject to all eligibility guidelines and carrier approval)
Teachers of Vision magazine
Daily devotionals
A host of online resources at
Annual membership fee is one half to one fifth of the cost of union dues
Affordable insurance products for you and your family: quality, comprehensive coverage at group rates
40% discount on all Teach 4 the Heart courses
Online degree and tuition discounts
College scholarship and educator grant opportunities