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NO TIME TO LOSE – 01-07-2022

By January 7, 2022Daily Devotionals

January 07, 2022

Prayer: Lord keep passion alive in us. May we come into this New Year with strength and vision from You. Thank You for good work to do. Amen

Scripture: Don’t procrastinate – there’s no time to lose. Proverbs 6:4 Message Bible

Emily was eating from a bag of snack mix on our way to church one afternoon. We did not know that she was eating each piece from her least favorite and saving her very favorite for last. As we turned the corner towards church, her Daddy put out his hand for her to give up the snack bag and the look of sorrow on her face as she reluctantly handed over the bag told me there was a story here. She explained what she had planned, saving the best for last, but now it was too late, time was up, and we were at church.

I have met many people who procrastinate. As a military brat and wife, I’ve met many people who would say, “When we retire,” or “When we get to live in one place longer,” or “When my kids are grown…” Unfortunately, they would never get involved in anything. They wouldn’t commit to any cause or organization, start a hobby, or join a church. Some even refused to make close friends, knowing we were all going to move away eventually.

I even had a friend who would say, “Don’t put off to tomorrow what you can avoid altogether.” What a loss! They wasted so much time and missed so many blessings by waiting for later. For some, there was not a “later.” Their time on earth ran out before they retired or their kids left the house.

What have you wanted or been dreaming of doing? Remember the goals you set at the beginning of the school year? How have you done? What have you done? Have you been procrastinating? Are you too busy, too scared, too many excuses? I do not usually use the Message Bible for our Scripture reference, but I loved this version for today’s verse. Other versions say “Allow no sleep to your eyes, no slumber to your eyelids.” NIV I did not want you to confuse that as some command not to rest!

Perhaps you did not think or dream big enough at the beginning of the school year or maybe God has called you to do something since then that you are putting off. Recommit to Him, trust Him, and remember there is no time to lose. My prayer for you is that you would not procrastinate.

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