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By June 16, 2022Daily Devotionals

June 16, 2022

Prayer: Lord, keep us steady and upright when we are stepped on and bearing ever greater weight and loads of responsibility. Keep us attached firmly to the side rails -– your Holy Spirit and others who serve and follow You where we work. Amen

Scripture: God gave him a dream. He saw a ladder set up on the earth, and its top reached to the heavens. He saw some messengers of God ascending and descending on it. Genesis 28:12 NIV

God has chosen you to lift students up, to lead them to a higher place for brief periods of time each day for a brief season in their lives. Using the faith, wisdom, and knowledge you impart, they move farther into their hope and future. You are a rung on each child’s ladder to heaven. Remember that when you feel all “wrung” out or like you are being stepped on! God wants to remind you that you are not the only rung on the ladder. Don’t be discouraged if a child won’t climb your rung. God has a whole warehouse of rungs and He has angels to help the children who are too frightened or wounded to climb. As your students step and climb upon you, they will find a sure foothold, not because of who you are, but because of who Christ is in you.

Reflection: When have I felt the most stepped on in my professional life? How did God help me to sustain this weight and burden? How can I help others (students and staff) in my professional life when they are stepped on?

Getting Real: Seek, serve, and support students, parents, and staff members when they are feeling stepped upon and overburdened. Be a rail on their life’s ladder. Encourage them.

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