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DRIVEN TO SUCCEED – 09-02-2022

By September 2, 2022Daily Devotionals

September 02, 2022

Prayer: Lord, I ask You to help me choose my schedule carefully and allow time for rest and listening to You. I don’t want to be too busy and miss out on what is most important. Thank You. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

Scripture: Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your soul. Matthew 11:29 NASB

It seems that one of the requirements in the job description of most parents these days is that of professional driver. If your children’s activities run back-to-back or even overlap you may have to be a racecar driver. After all, if you want your children to be successful they have to “be driven.” Sorry – just a little joke.

I have always preached about not allowing children to get over-committed. If children are busy from the minute they get out of school until late at night, when do they do their homework? When do they relax? What do you think is the average bedtime of your students? Later than you would like or expect I am sure.

After years of limiting my own children’s activities, I allowed them to choose more activities over the summer. Their activities took us to the gym every night but one – sometimes twice in one day. Piano, swim lessons, golf camp, church activities, and volunteer activities – we spun out of control! It seemed the more we did, the more they wanted to do. I watched them go from energetic to exhausted. Even though they were tired and grumpy, they loved it, but I was miserable. It just goes to show that we cannot let them make all the decisions for themselves, as some would suggest.

I want my children to flourish. I want them to use the talents God has given them, and everyone needs a hobby but not at the cost of their health or success. In the search for success, we can compromise quality for quantity, but God requires our best. We are not supposed to work ourselves to death, but rather do our best at what God has purposed us to do. Today’s verse tells us that we will find rest for our souls when we take God’s yoke upon us. If you have not rested in a while, you are carrying extra baggage. When you overload, one thing always comes at the cost of another. In the case of my children, golf camp and building websites took time away from piano practice, and it was obvious. Were the other things important? Yes, but we could never and would never keep that pace during the school year.

Realize that many of your students are “driven to succeed” every night, every week, every season of the year. Sports teams practice throughout the week and over the weekends. School activities, church, scouts, clubs, music, all add up and somewhere in there we mix in homework, chores, or even a job, and hopefully sleep. What about you and your family? How many meals do you eat in the car each week? Do you ever get to eat together as a family? What time do you get to bed?

My prayer for you this week is that as you settle into your schedule for this school year that God would direct your choices and path.

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  • April says:

    I was just thinking about this in my own schedule. All the things I do are important but I think I need to cut some things.

  • Mandie says:

    Amen. Praise Him that He craves rest for us. This world will make us believe we have to do more, be more, go more. He reminds us, we are already enough.